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Luckland Slots Casino App Review

What Exactly Is the Luckyland Slots APK?

The Luckyland Casino App is a U.S.-based social online casino game that is currently available & operates legally for the U.S. market that offers players an opportunity to play gambling with their virtual chips and get their cash rewards. These virtual chips are called ‘Gold Coins’ that help the registered users redeem their real money prizes. LuckyLand Slots Casino App legally comes under the sweepstakes laws of federal regulation rather than the gambling law of the U.S. Constituency. The game is designed & developed for a mature audience.

Luckyland Casino App is a high-quality contained graphic experience slot game with a sophisticated design & 3D motion that competes with the land-based slot games & gives the chance to win prizes.

Luckyland Casino App is a different sort of online sweepstakes casino game that helps you gain real cash on every win, and you can withdraw your winnings. An authentic verification process is required to meet the standards of the minimum withdrawal amount.

Forget about the land-based casinos; try this amazingly crafted fashion Luckyland Casino App game that helps you hold yourself in a comfort zone and to win & earn big bucks.

The registration process for Luckyland Slots Casino App

  1. The signing process is straightforward. Once you open the Luckyland App, a window indicates the main registration page.
  2. You can sign up using your Facebook account. The Luckyland Casino App will register your account automatically if you’re already an active user of Facebook. The app will collect all the necessary data from your FB account for the registration process. However, it’s all about the user’s preference. If they do not want to register from their Facebook account, then there is an alternative option of registration available; users have to create their new account by signing up simply, which takes a few steps in creation:
  • Fill in your personal information, and register your first & last name.
  • Enter your Date of Birth and tick on the agreed terms & conditions of the Luckyland Casino App.
  • Create a strong password of upto eight digits with numerics & words.
  • Verify your phone number to earn ten sweepstakes or gold coins.
    After completing all the login formalities, you’re all set to play.

Essential features of Luckyland Slots APK

Here are some basic elements that make Luckyland Casino App unique:

Multiple Gaming Options:
LuckyLand offers upto more than 30 to 40+ exclusive slot games with a wide range of scratchers & offers instant win games. Neon Valley, Power of Ra, Mayan Gold & Snow Queen are some popular jackpot games present in the app that feature extensive wins.

General Bonus:

  • It has multiple ways to win coins with bonus rounds, free spins, gifts, and mini-games.
  • The daily bonus wheel spin will help you win coins every 4 hours.

New Items:
You’ll get gifts which you can send and receive from friends.

Multiplayer Option:
Multiplayer mode enhances the game’s progress, making you earn the coins on XP slots.

Unlock Slot Games:
Playing for a more extended period can increase your XP Level & you can unlock new slot games.
Purchase Methods:
Multiple paying methods are accepted for coin purchases such as credit, debit cards, Online Banking, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, InstantACH, Safe Change, American Express, etc.

It is compatible & can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Details of Luckyland Slots Casino App

NameLuckyland Slots Casino App
Size59.2 MB
DeveloperOpen Wager, Inc
Package Namecom.openwager.lucky
Updated On2 April 2022
PriceFree of Cost
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0+
Rating 4.6 Stars

How can I get the Luckyland Slots APK and install it on my Android device?

As for now, the Luckyland Casino App is officially aren’t available on the Google Play Store to download; you can simply browse its official website on your mobile browser & click on the highlighted “Get The App” option. As a result, you get the App to download for android. Then go to the download directory of your browser, tap on the app and get it installed.

Suppose your android device is creating trouble during the installation process; since it is a third-party application, no worries about it. All you have to do is go to your mobile setting, and there you’ll find an option of security; just tap on it, scroll down, and there you’ll find an option of unknown sources. Click on it to allow your application to install from external sources rather than Google Play Store. And in this way, you will establish your Lucklyland Casino App.

How can I install Luckyland Slots Casino APK on my Windows or Mac computer?

The latest designed website of Luckyland Casino App is developed on HTML5 programming language, which is compatible with all the recently updated browsers, whether Windows or Mac. Everyone should keep in mind that this desktop version is a browser-based application, i.e., you’ll not need a regular sort of app. You have to browse LuckyLand’s website, log in with your credentials, load the game, and start playing the game.

The standard back button of your browser will cause you to quit or end your game.

How to Uninstall Luckyland Slots Casino App?

Keeping any application for a longer time sometimes gains a lot of storage in your device’s memory. Occasionally, that particular app might freeze or always create trouble every time, or in random use, so it’s better to make the app uninstall from your device.

The process of uninstalling the Luckyland Casino App is similar to any other application’s uninstallation. To uninstall the app, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your android phone’s settings.
  2. Scroll down, and tap on the storage option. On tapping there, you’ll find multiple options like apps, images, documents, audio, videos, systems & others.
  3. Click on the app section to find your Luckyland App. Tap on it, clear its cache & data, select the uninstall option and make it uninstall from your device.

What should you do if the Luckyland Slots Casino APK becomes unresponsive or crashes?

The addiction to any app or sometimes your excessive use of an app may lead to obstruction for that particular app. The same case can go for your Luckyland Casino App. The app shall face any trouble or might freeze or crash, which gives you a headache if the app is essential for us. You simply need to follow these few steps to make it revert to the working stage:

  1. The continuous use of any app can cause an appearance of a black screen on your mobile screen for a few seconds. You can resolve a problem & make it fix, hold on to your cell phone’s power button, restart your device, and find that the problem your Luckyland Casino App was created has disappeared.
  2. Millions of users use every online app or game throughout the world at a single time which leads to the crash of a server failure for that particular app, so it’s better to try after sometimes.
  3. A bad internet connection may confuse users with their apps not working. Please check your wifi/mobile data properly. This problem generally occurs during the login of an app.
  4. If you’re facing installation problems, please check your device’s storage space. If the storage is insufficient, you can’t install the app.
  5. Having a lag on your Luckyland Slots Casino App while playing games, i.e., it crashed while using, can fix the problem in some ways:
  • Go to your device’s home screen. Hold on to the LuckyLand app; a small rectangular pop-up window will appear in front of the screen.
  • Click on the window’s app info. There you’ll find the storage usage option.
  • Tap on the storage usage option and make clear all the data & cache files related to the app, and once you revert to the app, the app will run properly.
  1. If all the above points are tested, your app is still not working. Without any doubt, make the app uninstall from your device & reinstall it again. The app will work properly.
  2. If the current Luckyland Casino App is not working correctly and there is no update, then make it uninstall & try to install the recently older predecessor version.
  3. Sometimes Luckyland Casino App can face the update of scorecards due to server issues as the LuckyLand App holds a lot of data, so users have to keep patience & please wait for further credentials to match the U.S. policies. You can download & sign in for free after that; you enjoy the game. You can earn a sweep coin sometimes to recheck.

Working of Luckyland Slots Casino APK

The standard criteria for signing into the Luckyland Casino App is one must be a citizen of the U.S. & win cash prizes by playing online slots. Users should also remember that the Luckyland Casino App will not work outside the U.S. territory as per the above criteria. Users have to be in the U.S. Territory to enjoy this game fluently except for Washington state. One more thing, in addition, is the required age factor of 18 years old for signing in to the Luckyland Casino App.

Once you sign in to the Luckyland Casino App, you’ll receive up to 7,777 gold coins & 10 sweep coins by default to participate in the slot competition. These gold coins are the primary virtual currency of the app. Players can earn extra coins by winning jackpots & leveled-up tournaments. This will help players to utilize their coins to win their cash prizes.

Once any player crosses 50 or more than the 50+ sweep coins limit, their winning can be used to withdraw the amount. The app will require the player’s bank account details for transferring the money. As per the Luckyland Casino App guidelines, the measures of money laundering & other methods in any other way are prohibited & illegal to pay.

What are the things that LuckyLand Slots Casino App players enjoy a lot?

  1. One thing that inspires the players to play the Luckyland Casino App is their motivation to have fun & win money and a belief in the app’s authenticity. Players are attracted to the highly oriented graphics that set up a mesmerizing experience & keep them engaged & relaxed in the game.
  2. Multiple ways to win coins from bonus & wheel spin.
  3. The first ten free sweep coins players can credit to their account right away.
  4. Players can claim their all Luckyland Casino App slots bonus in daily login rewards. For every sequential day of login, players will get free sweep coins.
  5. New players may look forward to the excessive discounts for buying 50 thousand coins compared to the standard rates with various payment options like credit & debit cards, and Amex. Skrill etc.

Is the APK version of Luckyland Slots Casino App safe to play?

  1. Luckyland Casino App is legal to play in all the U.S. states except for Washington state residents, so players don’t face any hustle to reclaim their winning cash prize directly in their bank account.
  2. The app promises everyone it will not share their credentials with any third-party source for all they need for the verification process.
  3. The Luckyland Casino App is claimed to be protected by several antivirus security platforms.
  4. The app claims that its anti-malware engine scans the application regularly based on the player’s needs.
  5. Luckyland Casino App promotes responsible gambling and works with the Responsible Gaming Foundation to ensure enjoyable and safe gaming.
  6. The Luckyland Casino App moderately works on the Random Number Generators (RNG) with no bias. It doesn’t matter which game you’ve chosen to play; the generator will always be fair & neutral.

Are there any benefits or drawbacks to downloading Luckyland Casino App?


  1. Get the first ten free sweep coins & 7,777 gold coins as virtual money in every sign-up.
  2. Upto 40 slot games.
  3. Luckyland Casino App is legal in all American states except Washington state.
  4. The app is available for the Android platform; you can directly download them from any third-party website.
  5. Bonuses increase comprehensively as you reach higher levels.
  6. Social gaming interface to interact with friends.
  7. Redeem your prizes directly to your bank account.
  8. Compatible with all browsing platforms.


1. Not available separately as an iOS mobile application.
2. Browser version of the app takes time to load.
3. Limitation for international players only U.S. citizens are eligible to play.
4. Limited option of slot games.
5. Not available officially on Google Play Store, so an update of the app might be delayed.
6. The MOD version of the app might be harmful to android users and can cause their privacy concerns.
7. Sometimes, the user interface of the Luckyland Casino App is too busy & over-done graphics; some authentic update can fix it.
8. No table & live casino games.

Payment Options on Luckyland Slots Casino Gambling App

Luckyland Casino App & website is an online social casino game compatible with all the U.S. Bank services; registered players will not face any trouble in such a situation with your payouts. The app accepts all the leading payment gateways like Amex, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, InstantACH, and Safe Change except PayPal & few others.
It works the same, just like the traditional Casinos. Just provide them with your banking or other modes of payment credentials & they will deposit your amount on your way. However, the Luckyland Casino App website has some restrictions with some payment gateways in the purchase, i.e., they do not accept Visa, Mastercard, or Amex for all purchases. Gold coins are the only thing you can buy from them.

Customer Support & Services

1. The Luckyland Casino App has many platforms to resolve your queries. The company is active on all leading social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You can directly Tag or DM them about your queries.
2. If the above step is no more satisfactory for you, you can simply go to the website lucky In the contact section, you’ll find the email addresses related to the support & concern, and you can contact them for your related problem. These emails are &
3. If anyone is looking for personal support, just like frequently asked questions related to Luckyland Casino App, then go to the official website scroll down, go to the contact section, tap on it, and there you’ll find multiple FAQs question related to your app in different categories like account,  iOS & Android assistance, purchases, miscellaneous questions, identity verification, daily login bonuses, redeeming prizes, phone verification, working of tournaments & general troubleshooting.

Complete review of Luckyland Slots Casino App

The Luckyland Casino App provides prompt win games where registered players win sweep coins & gold coins during their signing though technically they are not the actual money; they can use them as their virtual chips to play. It allows Americans to try their hand & run their brain in the field of online gambling business to earn real cash.

The Luckyland Casino App is primarily legal in all the US States, and citizens above 18 years of age can enjoy it without any hustle & juggle. Still, at the same time, it is prohibited in some states, especially in Washington. Users can enjoy free wheel spin, bonus rounds, and mini-games to earn the coins and utilize them to win real cash prizes, which is a good sign of positivity.


Luckyland Casino App is designed & developed for the mature audience, not the kids. The app is different from land-based real-world gambling & does not promote or encourage users to involve in gambling activities in a specific manner. Overindulging in the app may cause you any sort of unpredictable financial harm. This is just a game for entertainment purposes only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Luckyland Slots Casino App pay real money?

Ans. Luckyland Casino App doesn’t offer any real money as currency since it operates as a legal sweepstake website where you can cash out your sweep coins to earn cash prizes.

Q2. Can you play Luckyland Slots Casino on an iPhone?

Ans. You can explore the game in the form of the browser app version because currently, the app is not designed on the iOS platform and does not have its existence in the Apple Store. As for now, the app is only available for the Android platform unofficially. However, its browser version is suitable with all the latest release active browsers, including the default safari browser of the iPhone.

Q3. How do you get free money on Luckyland Gambling Casino App?

Ans. Luckyland Casino App doesn’t offer you instant free money in an enormous total during login. However, you can earn sweep coins & gold coins by playing various tournaments for making sweep/gold coins present in the app as the level goes up.

Q4. What games are like Luckyland Slots Casino APK?

Ans. Luckyland Casino App is an online social sweepstake gambling game that helps you redeem real cash on every win. In the world of science, every technology has its alternative to choose from, and there are many options that users should look at once for a while before giving preference to any of them. Here is the list of a few alternatives instead of the Luckyland Casino App:
Global Poker
Free Spin
Casino Max
Golden Lion
Ignition Casino

Q5. How do you cash out on the Luckyland Slots Casino APK?

Ans. Players can redeem their sweep coins as their cash prize and send them to their bank account. This process involves two steps of verification before the payout:
1. Luckyland Casino App does your phone number verification & checks whether it’s authentic or not.
2. They verify your banking credentials and your real-world identity.
3. For redeeming a cash prize, a player must have 50 sweep coins.
4. After all the above processes are finished, players can simply tap above the redeem button and enter the number of sweep coins they want to redeem. Tap on the redeem cash prize, and the amount will be transferred to their bank account in 3 to 5 business days.

Q6. How long does the Luckyland Slots Casino App take to deposit money?

Ans. The overall process of redemption of cash prize generally depends on your bank’s workflow & time frame, but as per records, it took a minimum of 3 to 5 business days for the money transfer.

Q7. Who owns the Luckyland Slots App?

Ans. VGW subsidiaries are the key operator & owners of four sweepstakes technology-based social online gaming sites, which they acquired with a fully patented license: Luckyland Slots, Chumba Casino, Global Poker, and FendOff Sports.
VGW’s first online social casino, Chumba Casino, was initially launched in 2012. In comparison, the Luckyland Slots Casino was introduced in 2020.

Q8. How do you play the Luckyland Slots App?

Ans. First of all, before joining Luckyland Casino App, one thing is to remember a player must be in U.S. territory & a citizen of the U.S. to get the sweep coins because only the U.S. players are eligible to play, except for Washington State.
Now, according to the gameplay, step by step, a player has to log in, participate, and play for free at or in the LuckyLand Slots Casino App. On every sign-up, players will get 7,777 gold coins & 10 sweep coins to enter a slot competition. However, a player still has a chance to win cash prizes by playing online slots to earn extra coins. This gameplay runs in this sort of pattern as mentioned below:
Daily Login Bonus > Loyalty program for older users > Create an account at LuckyLand Slots for new users > LuckyLand Slots Game Selection > Purchase Gold Coins > Play upto higher levels > Redemption of cash prizes.

Download Luckyland casino App and start playing the game of your life!

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