Craps Casino Game Review (2022)

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Craps Casino is a dice game in which players bet on the outcomes of a pair of dice. Players can wager money against each other or dealer to win real-cash winnings.

Craps Casino Game – A Cognitive Introduction

The online Craps Casino Game is a popular table-dice game mainly called the “Seven-Eleven” table game.

There are special virtual craps tables in the game where bettors place their bets and roll their dice. The game can be played with several players where one distinctive player is the “Shooter,” while others can participate & bet even when they aren’t rumbling the dice. Online bettors register themselves and place a stake on the consequences of dice rolls against the casino or the opponent players.

Craps is the game of fortune where bettors have to roll their dice to test their luck and catch their favorite number. The best thing about Crap Table Online Game is that the RTP can be as high as 99.4%.

Emergence of Craps Game

Craps game is called “Hazards” in the 12th Century, usually played by English Knights. It became popular & consistently grew up in English culture. However, later French people had renamed it “Crabes” in the 1600s, and it spread popularly throughout Europe.

A person named John H. Winn 1900s finally introduced the game in the USA.

Specialised Jargons used in Craps Casino Game

Craps Casino Game has specific terminologies that every bettor must recognize. Learning these terms can help you understand the game:


 Bettors bet on one roll stake for themselves and the dealers.

Three-Way Craps

Three-Way Craps” are unique bets made by bettors on unit 3 to conquer their rivals.


Aces are also called “snake eye betting” to get a total of 2 on every dice roll.


Slang used for $100 gaming chips is black in most casinos.


It is another term for “dice.”


Boxman is a table supervisor between the dealers and opposite bettors.

Cold Dice

Cold Dice” is used to describing the table when no one makes their point.

Color In

When any bettor cash out small value chips while leaving the craps table.


The complimentary bonus is offered to any player based on their action.

Double Odds

An odds bet that is twice the extent of the original bet.


A particular term for a good tipper player.


 A one-roll bet on 2,12 & 11 points.

Little Joe

A terminology used for a pair of twos or Hard 4

Mark The Point

The dealer places the Puck on the arrangement to indicate the point number.

Snake Eyes

It is another term for “Aces” to get a total of 2 on every dice roll.

World Bet

A bet on the horn numbers and any seven.

Basic rules to play Craps Casino Game

Craps Casino Game is relatively easy to play compared to other casino table games. Let’s look at the basic rules of the game:

  1. The game is played with a pair of dice.
  2. Every playing round is accomplished with rolls of the dice.
  3. Players rotate their turns on the table anticlockwise to roll the dice.
  4. The player who rolls the dice is called the “shooter.”
  5. Everyone at the table can wager on the outcome of that single roll of the dice.
  6. The dice roll outcome depends upon the face-up pip values of both dices

Constructive Tactics and Tips for Beginners

Online craps table games are easily accessible if new bettors know the game tactics well. These beginner tips help you convert your betting into real-cash winnings:

1. Maintain your bankroll and try to initiate with lower bets.
2. Analyze all your possible outcomes of dice to avoid losing money.
3. Don’t wait long if you are on winning consistently; craps tables are unpredictable.
4. Don’t neglect to claim the welcome bonuses & promotional offers.
5. Try to avoid placing bets on Big6/8, Hardway bets, or any craps bets with more elevated house advantage.
6. Try to learn 3-point Molly and 5-point techniques to place best bets.

Understanding the Layout of Craps Casino Game

The Craps Game Online user interface is quite simple. After registration, bettors are offered multiple chips to bet on the various laid out on the felt.

A chatbox section is available at the bottom on the right side of the game screen. Dealer audios are also available at the bottom of the screen and ready to assist you.

The game consists of some popular crap bets explained below:

Pass Line Bet

Pass line is the most prevalent crap bet with a house edge of 1.41%. Bettors have to place stakes on the dice outcome of 7 or 11; after the shooter has rolled the dice. The payout is 1:1.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

The bettors have to place stakes on 2, 3, or 12 outcomes of the come-out roll. The house edge is 1.36%, and the payout offered is 1:1.

Big 6/8 Bets

Every bettor tries to bet on the dice outputs of 6 or 8 before the shooter hits the 7 at any game point. The house edge is 9%, with a payout of 1:1

Come & Don’t Come Bets

Come Bets” can be inaugurated for the winnings when a shooter has rolled the dice and obtained a 7 or 11 and loses if he gets 2, 3, or 12.

While Don’t Come Bets are held when the stake is placed on the outputs of 2,3 before obtaining 7 or 11, and if the dice rolls on 12, it’s a tie

Field Bets

The field bets are held at any time on a single dice roll if it lands on 2, 3,4,9,10,11, or 12. The house edge will be 5.5%, with a payout of 2:1 for 2, 3:1 for 12 & 1:1 for the rest of the numbers.

Place Bets:

Place Bets are multi-roll bets that can recall at any point in the Craps Casino Game after the point number is specified before the shooter acquires the outcome of 7. The house edge and payouts are separate for different numbers.

Centre Section

The center section comprises proposition bets handled by the stick man. Bettors are not allowed to perform freely by themselves in the game, so to operate a proposition bet, they need to get the engagement of a stickman

Bets In Craps Casino Game

Most of the gameplay action on the Craps table surrounds the bets. Bettors must recognize every bet on joining the craps game. Here are the most common bets bettors will locate in a casino:

Pass Line Bet & Don’t Pass Bet

When a bettor makes a Pass Line Bet on stakes, the shooter rolls a dice value of 7 or 11 before rolling a 2, 3, or 12. The number 7 is statistically the numeral possible to land most of the time in craps, so the pass line is the primary betting priority for many bettors.

On the other hand, Don’t Pass Bet is just a reversion of the Pass Line Bet. Bettors gamble on a 2 or 3 landing before 7 or 11. The bet will be a push if the dice roll to 12, and the dealer will likely return the player’s money.

Come Bet & Don’t Come Bet

Bettors try a “Come Bet” if they think the shooter will land a dice value of 7 or 11 before landing the point number.

While a “Don’t Come Bet” is just the reverse. When any bettor creates a Don’t Come Bet on wagering & gets the outputs of 2,3 before obtaining 7 or 11, and if the dice roll on 12, it’s a tie.<H2> How to play Craps Casino Game differently?

The popular casino dice game is available in different formats to play distinctively & experience a seamless betting experience. Let’s have a quick look:

1. Online Based Craps

This version uses random number generation technology to establish unbiased game sessions where a pre-installed software as a virtual dealer operates the game & offers a wide range of betting options.

2. Live Dealer Craps

Live Dealer casino dice games feature bettors who want to experience land-based casinos on a digital platform and deal on live bets. Bettors can interact with the live dealer and other players through the chat window.

3. Play Craps on Mobile

Bettors can playonline Craps Casino Game by navigating their website on mobile browsers or can download the apps from their Android/iOS devices.

Free Craps Game at a Casino

Many online free craps games are available that approach bettors to put a sustainable bet and payout their winnings.

Games like The Boxman, The Stickman, and The Best Dealer are some of the most emerging & popular table casino craps games to play & win.

Craps Game Online VS Offline

Here, we will compare playing Craps Dice Game in a casino with playing Craps online:

Online Craps GameOffline Craps Game
Smooth Virtual Betting Experience.Real-World Lethargic Betting Experience.
Generous Welcome Bonuses upto $1000 cash.No Bonus at all.
Hassle-free Gameplay.They have a crowded Gaming Experience.
Random Number Generator (RNG) offers a fair payout on every win.Cheating is a common issue in offline craps games.

Craps Casino Game Review 2022- Our Meticulous Analysis

Through our review, we conclude that Crap Casino Game is an evolution of online dice rolling games that are easy to understand for playing real table games in digital-world online casinos. The game offers live dealer craps that boost the confidence of bettors to play with strategies and convert real-cash winnings.

It’s a fantastic online table dice game rapidly emerging throughout the United States and delivering a legitimate gambling experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can one play Craps Casino Game for real money?

Ans. Craps online game is 100% legit in the US, and bettors can potentially raise their chances of succeeding for real money by betting strategically and by limiting the house edge

Q2. Can you play Craps Casino Game?

Ans. Bettors can play & bet on craps in a land-based casino or on casino sites with a live dealer or software-based craps games. Both options provide bettors with the same gameplay and chances to win real money.

Q3. How can you play Craps Casino Game?

Ans. Bettors make bets around the table on every dice roll. The game initiates on the pass line, where bettors bet on the dice landing on 7 or 11, or 2, 3, or 12. The ‘pass’ bets win if a 7 or 11 will appear. If a dice rolls on 2, 3, or 12, then ‘don’t-pass’ bets win.

If the dice roll on any other number, it evolves into the ‘point.’ The shooter continues to roll the dice until they land the ‘point’ number again, or a 7, ending the game.

Q4. Where can you play Craps Casino Game mode?

Ans. Craps Casino Game is readily available & accessible on all land-based casinos & numerous online gambling sites. Bettors can play & get a chance to win real money.

Q5. Are Craps Casino Games rigged?

Ans. Online Craps games aren’t rigged. The dice rolls are completely random, and the odds are always stacked against the bettors. Even winning bets have a slight house edge built into them.

Q6. Is Craps Casino Game easy to learn?

Ans. Yes, the craps table game is easy to play. Learning its specific terminologies can help you understand the game.

Q7. How to play Craps Casino Game as a beginner?

Ans. 1. Preserve your bankroll and try to initiate with lower bets.
2. Analyze all your possible outcomes of dice to avoid losing money.
3. Don’t neglect to claim the welcome bonuses & promotional offers.
5. Try to avoid placing bets on 6 & 8 or any craps bets with more raised house advantage.
6. Try to learn terminologies to place the most profitable bets.

Q8. Why is Craps Casino Online so popular?

Ans. Craps Game Online is popular among bettors because it has a low house advantage, and even new beginners can win if they’re lucky enough.

Q9. Is Craps a good game to play at the casino?

Ans. Land-based casinos offer the best casino bets and deliver a chance to win on suitable bets adding odds to the equation.

Q10. Which online casinos have live Craps Game Online?

Ans. Bovada Casino, Wild Casino, Ducky Luck, Super Slots, and Ignition Casino offer the best live casino gambling experience.

Q11. Are there any live dealers in Craps Casino Game?

Ans. 22Bet Casino, Betway Casino, Europa Casino, Spin Casino, and 10Cric Casino are top-rated live dealers in Craps Casino Game.

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