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The following “Privacy Policy” for, in association with our Terms & Conditions, applies to your use of this site and the programs, services, and software it offers. All users have access to the Policy through a noticeable and clear link in the footer of every site page, which integrates them all. appreciates your ongoing business and is devoted to protecting your privacy rights by taking all required procedures and precautions. As a result, we’ve developed this Privacy Policy Policy to explain how we collect, store, and utilize your personal information as part of the routine operation of our website.

This Privacy Policy is regulated by our Terms & Conditions, which may be changed at any time. Because any changes to either document take immediate effect, the user must properly and frequently evaluate these methodologies to be informed of their current controlling contents and features.

Important Note Regarding Juveniles

This site is not intended or marketed to children or anybody without the legal capacity to engage in online gambling. Anyone under 18 is strictly prohibited from using this website or its services. As a result, no age-identifying information is collected on our site, nor do we intentionally collect personal information from visitors under 18.

Personal Information Collection Methods And Reasons

Data gathered from visitors to and/or users of this site might be classed as either non-personal or personal information.

Non-Personal Information And Use

General information obtained automatically about you, and the actions that do not personally identify you as a result of your visitation or use of this site may include:

  1. The sort of computers you use to connect to the internet.
  2. The computer’s capabilities, features, and functionality.
  3. The general geographic location of that computer.
  4. The internet connection’s unique server or domain identifier.
  5. The exact date and time you accessed the webpage.
  6. The exact date and time you accessed the webpage.
  7. Your navigation and activity sequences on the website.
  8. Other non-personal technical information is linked.

User movement and activity on the site, such as pages seen, time spent on specific pages, generalized browsing habits, usual traffic tendencies, click preferences or selections, bounce rates, and so on, is primarily collected and saved for research, analysis, and further development. This data collection includes all information usually provided to the host website by the web browser or your software whenever you connect to the internet. It is unnamed and nonidentifiable, which means that none of the information given above may be used to identify the user. Its primary goal is to collect statistics and generate reports about user usage whenever they visit for internal use to assist in our never-ending attempts to develop and remodel the site for enhanced functionality and a better user experience.

Personal Information And Use

Whereas non-personal information is collected and used to make this website more appealing and valuable to the general public, personal data is focused on satisfying specific user needs. It is information revealing various parts of your unique individual identity, willingly submitted by you. closely linked third parties through which you have previously requested or are currently seeking a more tailored service experience.

The information acquired and stored that reveals your personal identity or identifying traits, and your contact information includes:

  1. Your birth name/username.
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your physical street address at home.
  4. Your cell phone number.
  5. Other personal information and preferences.

Personal information may be collected through various channels, such as subscription submission for the newsletter, sports pick, or other periodic information or features, your webpage comment postings, direct contact forms, live chat forums, and records collected by our affiliate partners, who share information with us based on the amount of data you provide and the nature of your inquiries.

Personal user data may be securely held and utilized for the following reasons and purposes but will never be sold or disclosed to third parties. These are some of the acceptable purposes for which this information may be used:

Contacting You:

Communicating with users or responding to their inquiries to inform them of important site information, fulfill subscription obligations, inform users of affiliate/partner product or service deals/bonuses or other information, or in response to user-submitted questions or requests for support.


If users have express permission to use their name or appearance in advance.

Record Maintenance:

Every recordable user-to-site interaction, including all forms of correspondence, must be documented and saved.

User Preferences:

Information is immediately provided by the user’s express declarations of interest in particular games, sports, and entertainment alternatives and information about how the site is used.

Internet Tracking:

Using IP addresses, cookies, and other standard technologies.

IP addresses may be considered personal information when the automatically generated number sequence allocated to your computer is linked to other personally identifiable information. Similarly, cookies are a common and widely accepted means for gathering, tracking, and storing information on user hard drives via short text strings delivered through browsers that can be paired with personal identifiers.

Excessive Use Of Cookies

Cookies are intended to be a minimally extensive process of compiling user-accessed site statistical data, pages, downloaded content, other site activities, and separate websites. However, evaluates its offerings to specific users better to make the entire content of their visits and page-to-page navigation tendencies more personalized, purposeful, and pleasing. The basic goal here is to make user access and aims more efficient and effective while also enabling rapid activation of the most user-applicable elements via visitor interactions.

Policy Acceptance, Modifications, And Updates

The user accepts this policy by visiting or using this site. retains the right to change, modify, or modify this Privacy Policy without previous notice. Such changes, modifications, and updates are immediately applicable and take effect once published. It is the user’s duty to monitor and evaluate this Policy for corrections regularly.

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