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The “Terms and Conditions” for gamblingsites.club, collectively with our Privacy Policy, governs your use of the site, programs, services, and software. Access to these terms is available to all users via an apparent and valid link in the footer of each page to this site, which integrates them all.

These Terms of Service provide a comprehensive collection of explanations, usage guidelines, limitations, and other relevant information that all users are advised to thoroughly understand before engaging in any activity on this site. Any access or use of this site signifies acceptance of these Terms of Service, which, together with the Privacy Policy, serve as the foundation for a mutual agreement between the user and this site, outlining the rules governing the rights and responsibilities of either party.


  1. Except when clearly stated as an outside or external site or website, “Site” or “Website” refers to Gamblingsites.club in general.
  2. The terms “User,” “Visitor,” “You,” and “Your” are used equally throughout these Terms to refer to any individual, group, company, organization, or other entity using or accessing the site following the Agreement clause.
  3. The following collection of requirements, explanations, restrictions, notices, reservations, usages, etc., as set forth by this website individually and collectively, is referred to as the “Terms” or “Terms of Use.”

Acceptance Of Terms Forms An Agreement

  1. Any permit or use of this site signifies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their current published form.
  2. Acceptance of these Terms of Service constitutes an acceptable agreement, resulting in a legally enforceable contract that controls the relationship between you and the site.
  3. If you disagree with anything in these Terms and Conditions, you should immediately quit visiting the site and discontinue using any of its services.

Renewal Of Terms Extends Agreement

  1. These terms are entitled to change without prior notice, and changes are effective immediately.
  2. The continuation or validity of any user’s prior acceptance of these Terms and the Agreement that resulted from it are unaffected by such modifications, and your continued or frequent use of the site serves to extend such as Agreement.
  3. Additionally, it is solely the user’s responsibility to regularly examine the current Terms and Conditions and do their research to find any updates or other changes to their context or content.

Legal Power

  1. Only adults are allowed to engage in online gambling. Minors are not allowed to participate in any online gambling activities. Therefore, they cannot reach an agreement and enter into any gambling-related activities.
  2. This website is not targeted at, nor is it intended for, minors or those not of legal age to engage in online gambling.
  3. This website and its services are prohibited for anyone under 18.

Provided Content, Programs, Services, And Software

  1. Gamblingsites.club is an independent website that provides online gambling and sports betting information. It is not operated by or managed by an online gambling provider or sportsbook.
  2. This site’s content, program, services, and software are provided for free and are solely for informational, educational, and entertainment reasons.
  3. This website does not offer or accept real money bets, wagers, or any other gambling services or transactions.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The user is knowledgeable of and agrees that the website, its affiliates, or its licensors are the sole owners of all intellectual property, including, but not limited to, any variation or combination of content, text, data, figures, tables, programs services, software, analyses, artwork, logos, design, graphics, images, pictures, animations, audio, music, and video, and other proprietary information.
  2. The website is created and maintained solely for personal use and enjoyment. Unless explicitly allowed in writing by the site, content, programs, services, or software supplied on or by Gamblingsites.club may be duplicated, reproduced, reprinted, or distributed in any form or format for personal, commercial, unlawful, or any other reason.
  3. Gamblingsites.club reserves all trademark, service mark, brand name, trade name, copyright, patent, resignation, and other intellectual rights in connection with the site’s content, programs, services, or software. By browsing the site, the user acquires no rights to such Trademarks or any other published content.

Third-Party Content And Hyperlinks

  1. Gamblingsites.club may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites, content, products, programs, services, or software not operated or controlled by Gamblingsites.club, and thus Gamblingsites.club is not responsible or liable for any of the information or representations contained in such outside content. Furthermore, Gamblingsites.club makes no expressly assurances, endorsements, guarantees, or warranties regarding the accuracy or quality of such third-party website’s content, products, programs, services, or software.
  2. Links to third-party content, like all other content on this site, are given for informative, educational, and entertaining purposes only. It is the entire responsibility of the user to check the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and any other requirements or provisions of any third-party content to which the user decides to link directly through this site. Furthermore, users are responsible for researching the applicable laws in their local jurisdiction that may apply to using such third-party content to evaluate its legality.
  3. The user is solely responsible for selecting whether to access third-party content and the degree and manner in which it is used and does so at his/her own risk. By visiting or using any links to third-party content on this site, the user agrees to hold Gamblingsites.club harmless for any and all economic damages or other damage caused, whether directly or indirectly.

Legal Restrictions

  1. The website’s affiliates and/or its licensor shall not be held responsible to users or any third party in contract, private law, negligence, or otherwise for any financial or other losses or damages of any kind accumulated by the user or such third party directly or indirectly emerging from or in any way associated with or as a result of any use or access to the site and its content.
  2. The above limitation of liabilities applies to any losses or damages incurred by the user or any third party, directly or indirectly, as a result of any content additions or absences on the site or as it relates to any third-party content or hyperlinks.
  3. The user agrees to hold this site harmless for any losses or damages of any kind generated by the user or any third party as a result of using or misusing the site or as a result of any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the site and its content, agendas, services, or software, whether directly or indirectly.

User Content Condition

  1. Users may be allowed for posting, upload, or otherwise communicate the site content in various formats, including, but not limited to, comments, chats, forums, and so on, in specific circumstances. Users who propose such content acknowledge and agree that neither the site, its affiliate, nor its licensors are obligated to monitor or review it for intentional or unintentional misrepresentations, false statements, or illegal claims regarding the content does not always reflect the thoughts or opinions of Gamblingsites.club and is subject to removal at any moment for any reason.
  2. Users agree not to knowingly submit any content of any kind that violates the law, is misleading or inaccurate, contains hidden or restricted content, infringes the trademark, service mark, brand name, trade name, copyright, patent, registration, or other ownership rights, or is intended to harm someone or something, including this website. In addition, this website disclaims any liability for any personally identifiable information posted by users.
  3. By submitting content in any form, the user surrenders all ownership rights in that content and grants Gamblingsites.club, its affiliates, and/or licensors a permanent, unquestionable license to use, copy, edit, modify, reproduce, publish, or distribute that content or any portion of it however they see suitable without having to pay the user anything in return.

User Representation And Prohibited Activity

  1. This website includes various references, reviews, links, and advertisements for third-party websites that offer or advertise online gambling services. Users agree to use this site only for personal, non-commercial purposes and in compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, as revised from time to time. Users also represent that they are located where such services are legal.
  2. Users accept and agree that just because they can access a website doesn’t mean that everything on it complies with the rules and laws of the nation from which they are accessing it or are otherwise accessing it. They are also aware that if they intentionally participate in any betting or wagering activity, they assume all personal responsibility for the risk of loss associated with gambling.
  3. Any use of Gamblingsites.club, including accessing its source code with the intention of copying, redistributing, republishing, reverse engineering, modifying, or producing creative works, is only permitted if the user agrees not to do so in connection with any illegal activity, to collect any personally identifiable information about other users for any reason, or to access the site’s ownership information. Accessing the website to do anything that could damage the reputation of Gamblingsites.club, its affiliates, or its licensors is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Or Other Intellectual Property Right Infringements Notification

  1. We value user privacy rights as we value others’ intellectual property rights. We will make all possible methods to correct any instances of found and confirmed copyright or other intellectual property infringement.
  2. To properly notify of infringement, an owner or authorized agent with verifiable contact information must detail the subject material and location on Gamblingsites.club that is suspected to be in violation, and a complete description and legal proof of the content it is alleged to infringe upon.

Contact Information

Please read the contact page for information on how to contact the site.

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